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What is “Rock and water” training?


Rock and Water is a scientifically proven psychophysical resilience training. The development of positive social skills is central during the training. Children learn when it is necessary to be hard as a rock and when it is necessary to be soft and flexible as water.


What do we want to achieve?

The training aims to improve self-confidence, self-control, resilience and social skills.


Who is this training aimed at?

The Rock and Water training at Urban Kids is intended for children aged 6-12 who want to work at;

  • developing more self-confidence
  • body posture (standing strong, walking)
  • make your own choices
  • stay calm in difficult situations
  • knowing your own strengths


How to register?

To register your child for the training, complete the registration form below. When we have received the completed registration, we will email the confirming of registration.

Four weeks before the start of the training you will receive an invitation for an introductory meeting where you and your child will meet the trainer.



The training consists of 8 training sessions of 1 hour each. The costs are € 240 * per child.

* this amount includes VAT